Paula Odell The Singer

Paula Odell is a professional singer/guitarist and entertainer who has worked in the music industry for 30 years. Paula has worked all over the UK and abroad and as well as performing in her own shows has supported top acts including Jimmy James, Stan Boardman and Charlie Drake. 

Where is the King?

Written and composed by Paula Odell. This song is currently a semi-finalist in UK Songwriting Contest 2019.

Paula Odell The Songwriter

Paula Odell is an award winning songwriter and her Christmas song 'Where is the King?' is often played on local radio and performed by various singers and choirs (even ukulele groups)  from around the region. Paula uses her passion of composing to produce original vocal arrangements for her singing groups and choirs. 

Paula Odell The Teacher

As a youngster Paula Odell trained classically with Betty Middleton and gained her grade 8 ABRSM at the age of 16. After 15 years of working as a professional singer Paula went back to school and studied to gain her degree in Education at Hull University. 


Paula found that she could teach a classical technique to her students but still allow students to maintain their own original sound and let them experiment with pop techniques which she had  learnt whilst working in the industry. 


Paula now enjoys teaching classical and pop singing but has a special love for the musical theatre style in which she currently specialises. In fact a large number of her early students have gone on to become professional singers in their own right and also successful vocal coaches themselves.